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How is your back doing lately?

Do you have low back pain that is causing you grief?

1.) Introduction to This Article

Acute low back pain is not a laughing matter. A person suffering from it experiences pain and it can cause that person to be limited in his or her daily activities. Many people who experience back pain for the first time just ignore it without seeking treatment. They only take action when the pain recurs. Our backs are an important in supporting us while we do many of daily chores, such as lifting heavy objects, maintaining proper posture and more. It is important that we take care of it.

2.) Acute, Subacute & Chronic Low Back Pain

Low back pain is considered as acute when the pain has continued for less than six weeks, sub acute if it has continued for six to twelve weeks, and chronic if it has lasted for more than twelve weeks. Acute low back pain is one of the most common ailments in the world. In United States alone, an estimated $20 billion of health care expenses are incurred to directly treat back pain, and it climbs to $50 billion if you count all the indirect expenses for treating the ailment such as insurance.

The main culprit for acute low back pain is usually strained muscles, ligaments or herniated discs. A bulging intervertebral disc (which is the cushion between our vertebrae), is a very common reason for acute low back pain, because it can press on spinal nerves.

3.) Red Flags

Low back pain can be managed. The following are warning signals or so -called, "red flags" that may prompt doctors to do more intensive assessment and treatment.

Red flag signals may include:

* The pain was a result of a severe injury such as a car accident.
* The pain on the back never stops and only gets worse every day.
* The pain is focused on the upper part of the spine.
* Patient has experienced back pain even if his or her age is below twenty or more than fifty five.
* Despite treatment, patient continues to find it hard to bend forward.
* Patient experiences significant weight gain or loss related to back pain.
* Patient's general health is poor.
* Patient has cancer or has had cancer.
* Patient has HIV, a drug abuser, or on steroids.
* There are a number of problems in the nervous system.
* The patient spine has a noticeable deformity.

4.) Back Braces & The Reasons Why They Are Important

One effective alternative treatment for acute low back discomfort is the use of back brace or support. Many doctors approve of back braces and see it as an effective support to relieve you of your pain. People who have used back braces have significantly decreased the pain caused by acute back strains, for example. Another benefit of back braces is that they can help restrict your movements so you do not move your body in such a way that would further hurt your back, which will worsen the situation. Back braces also support your back in such a way that it improves your posture so that the pain recurrence will be lowered. A very good back support should have a low profile feature so it is barely noticeable when you wear it under a shirt or garment.

*This is health information. We know back supports have helped thousands of people, but you should talk to your doctor about medical advice for your particular situation.


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Acute Low Back Pain - Red Flags - Relief Options & Back Supports

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Acute Low Back Pain - Red Flags - Relief Options & Back Supports

This article was published on 2011/05/12