Lower Back Pain In Pregnancy

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One of the things that pregnant women encounter the most during pregnancy is back pain, especially that of lower back pain in pregnancy. This type of pain is very discomforting to the woman, and there is really nothing that can be done for this, at this time.  This type of ailment, however, is very common for these kind of women, so it should not be cause for alarm.  The reason that women get this kind of pain is because of their uterus growing.  Your body is also going through hormonal changes that makes the ligaments and joints loosen up.  When the uterus gets bigger, it moves and hurts the muscles of your abdominal area.  All of these changes then puts pressure on your back, thus causing pain.

Another reason why your back could be hurting during pregnancy is the fact that you are carrying all that extra weight.  With this extra weight, your muscles have to work extra hard, and the pressure is increased on your joints, as well.  Another thing that women experience, besides back pain, is pelvic pain.  This is another common ailment.  If you are a person that has had back pain at any other moment in your life, the chances are high that you will probably experience them again in your pregnancy.  If you live a lifestyle that is not that active, rather sedentary, the back pain could be worse.  Other things that could contribute to having back pain are lack of flexibility and weakened stomach or lower back muscles.  If you are having more than one baby at a time, that will also increase the amount of back pain.

There is a great way of getting rid of back pain, however.  This method of prevention is through exercise.  This is a better pain reliever as compared to medicine because medicine could be harmful to you and your baby during pregnancy.  Having good posture is something that will help with pain in the pelvic area.  This will also help to minimalize the back pain you may encounter.  Another great thing is not to stand for too long of a time.  Getting enough rest and sleep, when needed, will also help to alleviate any pain and stress you may be having.

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Lower Back Pain In Pregnancy

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This article was published on 2011/07/13