See A Spine Surgeon For Relief From Severe Back Pain

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Health care professionals often will tell a patient that most back pain is muscular and will go away on its own. Rest a day or two. Take some ibuprofen, wait a few weeks.

It is necessary to see a spine surgeon specialist immediately. If the patient is indeed experiencing muscular back pain from lifting incorrectly, the surgeon will simply tell the patient, "We'll just watch it and rest it a bit." If the muscular pain is not gone in a few weeks, the patient will be instructed to return.

If a patient has been in an accident of any type, the surgeon will want to take X-rays to view bone and an MRI to view soft tissue. With those two diagnostic tools alone, the surgeon can usually find what is causing the patient's pain. It could be a fracture, herniated, or bulging disc, arthritis, or soft tissue injury.

It is never a good idea to ignore severe back pain. Generally, people do want to avoid surgery. Back surgery has come a long way in recent years and more and more people seek relief and obtain relief from consulting with and being under the care of an experienced, compassionate spine surgeon.

It is extremely important to see a qualified spine surgeon if the patient experiences numbness or tingling in any extremity, arms or legs, or shooting pain down arms, legs or buttocks. An experienced spine surgeon is keen on diagnosing and assisting patients with nerve pain. Herniations and fractures will cause severe pain.

Numbness and tingling is a certain indication that a nerve root, emanating from the spine, has been pinched or something is exerting pressure on it. This causes severe pain as would a fracture in any part of the spinal column. If a nerve root is compressed long enough, its function can be decreased and patients can lose sensation and strength in the body part involved.

They can have legs "give out" from a lumbar compression or drop things from their hands without realizing when a cervical or neck nerve root is impinged. It is important to treat these types of injuries quickly as they can worsen and unnecessary attempts at movement can hinder recovery later on and pain medications often do not relieve this type of pain adequately enough.

Treatment options include surgery to remove herniated discs, stabilization of the vertebrae with metal rods, known as a spinal fusion, and assessment of spinal disorders. Many spine surgeons are capable of performing minimally invasive spine surgeries with lasers that allow for smaller incisions and much faster recoveries than traditional open back surgery can offer.

Depending on the patient's diagnosis, location of injury and overall medical condition, an experienced spine surgeon can offer fast, effective relief from major back pain. There is no need to endure long periods of time in distress over back pain. The depression and helplessness can be reduced by consulting a spine surgeon and treatment options are more realistic and less invasive than ever before.

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See A Spine Surgeon For Relief From Severe Back Pain

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This article was published on 2010/11/04